Rest Easy, Cleveland Browns Fans, the Team’s Helmet Will Not Be Changing


On Tuesday, the Cleveland Browns unveiled their plans to rename Cleveland Browns Stadium (hello FirstEnergy Stadium), but that doesn’t mean owner Jimmy Haslam III was off the hook for other questions surrounding the team’s future.

Just about everybody can get over the stadium undergoing a name change, but it would be much harder to sell fans on a complete change to the team’s uniforms. Luckily, Haslam reassured everybody that he would not be touching the storied Browns helmet, which is a good thing.

However, he did say the team was looking into making some other uniform changes for 2014. The details of that are obviously unknown, but one can only hope that means the orange pants are making a triumphant return. Actually, any changes to the uniform itself should be welcomed. If it means we don’t have to see the white-on-white combination for 16 straight games, the new jerseys should be met with never-ending praise.

And for those of you hoping against hope that the Browns would finally get some cheerleaders in the stadium, sorry to disappoint you. Haslam put a stop to that rumor as well.

“They [cheerleaders] don’t fit Cleveland,” Haslam said. Whatever that means.