Former Browns Head Coach Pat Shurmur Likely to Join Eagles as Offensive Coordinator


Earlier this week, the Eagles made a stunning move when they managed to hire Chip Kelly as their new head coach. Despite his earlier decision to stay at Oregon, Kelly was lured back by the NFL, finally deciding on the Eagles (though he maintains the Browns were never seriously in the mix).

On Sunday, the Eagles made another stunning move, but it was far more of a head-scratcher. Former Browns head coach Pat Shurmur, who interviewed for the Jets offensive coordinator job last week and was rumored to be in the mix for the same job with the Panthers, is expected to join Kelly’s staff in Philadelphia. As for his role, it is likely that he will be the offensive coordinator.

For Browns fans, this is some scoff-worthy material. Shurmur didn’t exactly light up the scoreboard when he was in Cleveland, but in his defense, he wasn’t dealing with a lot of great offensive weapons. However, his version of the West Coast offense never caught on with the Browns and he’s more well-known for ultra-conservative play calling and punting at some fairly inopportune times than for being much of an innovator.

However, the idea of Kelly and Shurmur running an offense together is pretty intriguing. It’s a nightmare scenario for Browns fans, but it will be fun to see how it plays out.