For Browns, WR Mike Wallace is Real Possibility, QB Joe Flacco is Not


The Browns have been linked to some big names in the last few weeks, which will happen when a team is as far under the salary cap as they are. Of course, it also helps to be a young team with a steadily improving nucleus.

Two of those names include Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace and Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco. The Browns are said to be very interested in Wallace, who perfectly fits the Browns’ new vertical offense. On the other hand, Flacco is a pipe dream, something that also happens when a team is far under the salary cap.

Wallace is certainly an expendable component of the Steelers’ offense and he is likely looking for a four-year deal worth at least $10 million per season. With all that money burning a hole in their pocket, the Browns could certainly stand to sign Wallace, especially when one considers that he is only 26 years old.

See? That makes sense.

Now, for Flacco, there are oh-so-many reasons as to why he won’t be coming to Cleveland. For one thing, Baltimore is going to do everything in its power to keep him. No team just lets a franchise quarterback float away to a division rival like that. Sure, the Browns can sign him to an offer sheet the Ravens just can’t match (and they’ll get two first-round picks in the process), but what makes anyone think they’ll even let it get to that point? Baltimore is either getting a contract done or using its franchise tag capabilities on him.

For Browns fans and many members of the media, Flacco coming to Cleveland is fun to think about, but that pesky thing called reality likes to show up at the worst times. So why not embrace it and start thinking about Mike Wallace instead?