What Position Should the Cleveland Browns Target at No. 6?


The Browns currently own the sixth overall pick in the upcoming NFL draft. Having a top 10 pick is certainly nothing new for them, and neither is the fact that they plenty of holes to fill, making this a selection with plenty of possibilities.

At the very least, the Browns should be able to focus on the defense with this pick. With the switch to the 3-4 defense – and no quarterback prospects even close to being worth the sixth overall pick – Cleveland needs to overhaul the defensive line and linebacker position.

However, the secondary could use some help as well. Cornerback Joe Haden is becoming one of the league’s best, but the other side of the field – as evidenced this past season – can be a nightmare.

So where do the Browns look with their first pick? They’re in desperate need of pass rushers, but can they pass up the opportunity to create an elite secondary?