Further Evidence That You Should Just Get Used to Browns QB Brandon Weeden


It seems that Browns fans want to exhaust every possibility at quarterback before resigning themselves to the thought that Brandon Weeden might be under center for another season. With the current draft class looking particularly barren at quarterback (though the possibility for finding a diamond in the rough is always there), attention has been turned to possible free agents and trade targets.

Here are just a few names being thrown around: Alex Smith, Nick Foles, Matt Moore, Matt Flynn, Ryan Mallett and Joe Flacco. Of course, Flacco is a complete pipe dream, while Smith doesn’t exactly fit the Browns’ new offensive scheme. Foles and Mallet don’t seem to be going anywhere (the same goes for the Redskins’ Kirk Cousins). And Moore or Flynn? What exactly makes them better than Weeden right now?

It’s true that Weeden’s best friend could be a weak crop of quarterbacks, though the Browns are certainly doing their due diligence on the incoming draft class. It would be a surprise to not see them go after one in a later round as a developmental project, but that still pretty much guarantees that Weeden’s job is safe.

The chatter is that the front office is concerned with Weeden’s age, but that still doesn’t mean much right now. Unless the Browns are willing to give up some top picks, which they certainly can’t afford to do this year, they will be stuck with an option as unproven or unsatisfying as Weeden is in their eyes.

Joe Flacco isn’t coming to Cleveland. Prepare your mind for another season of Brandon Weeden, Browns fans.