Browns QB Brandon Weeden: “I Completely Expect to Be the Starter”


It’s no secret that the Browns have been looking for a new quarterback this offseason. However, thanks to a weak draft class and a lack of quality free agents, the team is preparing for the possibility of Brandon Weeden being the starter once again.

It won’t stop them from still looking, though. No matter what, this process hasn’t shaken Weeden’s confidence:

"“I completely expect to be the starter,” Weeden said tonight before signing autographs during the Cleveland Auto Show at the I-X Center. “That’s my mindset going in. I’m confident in my ability to be the guy, to lead this football team.”"

There have been rumblings about Weeden’s work ethic last season as well, which seems to serve the growing agenda to run him out of town. Naturally, Weeden has been forced to respond to that, too.

“I worked tirelessly every single night, late throughout the night, week in and week out, so I can’t really, I’m not sure really where they’re going,” said Weeden, the 22nd overall pick in last year’s draft. “I don’t know the context of the question. If they said there was something there, but I worked my tail off last year. I busted my butt every single night and tried to get ready to play on Sundays.”