Josh Cribbs is Just a Man Looking for a Football Team


With a knee that is supposedly now fully healed, former Cleveland Browns kick returner/wide receiver Josh Cribbs is fielding interest from a number of teams.

Could one of those teams be the Browns?

Probably not, though Cribbs is going on a tour of interested teams this week, which includes the Oakland Raiders, who have reportedly already offered him a contract. Cribbs has met with the New York Jets and will be visiting the New York Giants as well. There also seems to be a mystery team involved.

Cribbs was all set to sign with the Arizona Cardinals back in March, but he failed his physical and the team backed out.

It’s tough for Cribbs because he’s certainly looked at as a kick returner more than a wide receiver, but while he’s not the dominant force he once was, he is still dangerous when on the field.