Former Browns RB Jim Brown is About to Lay Down the Law in Cleveland


Hand it to Jim Brown – he hasn’t been back on the Cleveland Browns’ payroll long, bu he’s already looking to make his presence felt in the organization. 

While attending NASCAR’s Sprint Cup race at Pocono on Sunday, Brown talked about how the NFL’s safety improvements pale in comparison to that of NASCAR’s. But he also had a little something to say about his employer.

"“They have a little running back there [Trent Richardson] I might be able to help. And some of those players are staying out a little too late at night. I have a little advice for them, as well.”"

His comment comes on the heels of wide receiver Josh Gordon being suspended for two games after testing positive for codeine which, he claims, came from cough medicine. But Brown wasn’t just calling out unfortunate incidents like Gordon’s (if he was referring to it at all); it seems as though the entire roster likes to have its fun.

This is exactly why the Browns brought back the 77-year-old. As one of the greatest players in the game’s history, he still maintains a strong presence, and young players should heed his word.