Former Browns QB Colt McCoy Locking Up No. 2 Job in San Francisco


Colt McCoy is one of many Browns quarterbacks who got a pretty raw deal in Cleveland. Whether or not he moves on to accomplish great things remains to be seen, but for what it’s worth, he appears to have a strong lock on the backup quarterback spot with the San Francisco 49ers.

According to 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh, that was never really a question.

"“He has been in that role since he got here,” Harbaugh said. “He’s doing very well, picking up the system. And a guy that is really serious and focused on being good and doing a good job. He’s got a lot of things that motivate him to work hard. And he’s worked extra hard, too. He’s doing well.”"

That’s what playing in Cleveland often does to a player; it puts a big chip on one’s shoulder and offers plenty of motivation to succeed somewhere else, as if to prove you were never meant to be a part of the losing abyss that is the Browns.