Browns OL Ryan Miller Suffers Concussion, Released from Hospital


When a player lays motionless in any setting, it’s a moment where everything stops, time moves especially slow and the painful reality of the game of football emerges front and center.

For the Cleveland Browns and offensive lineman Ryan Miller, that was the situation that unfolded during Saturday’s indoor practice.

Miller – 6-7, 320 pounds – sustained a concussion in one-on-one blocking drills. Crumpling to the ground and lying motionless, the situation soon spread to the entire team.

As he was eventually strapped to a backboard while being taken to the hospital, Browns players feared the worst. And even worse for them, they wouldn’t know Miller’s true condition for a while, having to continue practice with that in the back of their minds.

The good news, though, is that Miller had feeling in all of his extremities and has already been released from the Cleveland Clinic.

It was a scary situation for everyone – made scarier by the Browns’ request to not reveal the player’s name until his family was notified – but it looks as though Miller avoided a much more serious injury.