Browns Name Hoyer Starter This Week; A Lot of People Seem Pissed


The Cleveland Browns have opted to name Brian Hoyer their starting quarterback for Week 3 against the Minnesota Vikings and people seem to be pretty fired up about it.  Evidently, the years of mediocre play from Jason Campbell combined with a terrible 5 plays last week that displayed the bad decision making that plagued his career were not enough.  There are many who seem genuinely angry that he is not being given the start.  The Browns, have opted to go with Mike Lombardi’s boy and local product Hoyer.  The Browns could put them both out there at the same time and it will make no difference; if people want to get worked up about which bad quarterback the Browns put out there this week, they can have at it.

Aug 29, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Cleveland Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer (6) makes a pass against the Chicago Bears during the first half at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

There is a magic beans feel to Hoyer, who sat behind Tom Brady in New England for a while.  Oh, he was also on the Arizona Cardinals and could not beat out their incredibly similar pile of mediocrity they had there at quarterback.  And they signed him off of the street.  So, there will be people out there this week discussing the ‘what if?’ factor to this move.  Fans should know better.  Neither Hoyer nor Campbell makes a difference other than their style of weak play.

The news on Brandon Weeden is good in that he did not do major damage to his thumb.  He will be out this week, but will be reevaluated for week four, so fans can get ramped up to potentially see him back under center.

At this point, the Browns are probably best served to play whichever quarterback they think can get them to Teddy Bridgewater.  And the topic of tanking will be brought up and has already been mentioned on talk radio.  It would not be a bad move.  The other thing that will come up is the idea that the front office has taken the decision out of Rob Chudzinski’s hands.  Of course, he would pick Campbell and the front office would force Hoyer on him; possible, but still speculation.

The bottom line is that Hoyer will be the starter, he will range from bad to average just like any other quarterback the Browns have on their roster, and there are people getting all worked up over which brand of bad to average quarterback play is going to make any kind of difference.  Smarter fans know better and will avoid the conversation; none of these players are the guy and the Browns need to find the player who can be.