Breakfast with Brownie

By Mike

Good Morning Browns fans!!

We are usually pretty excited at this point with kickoff a few hours away, however this week your Browns are off for their bye week.

The bye couldn’t have come at a better time with the Browns starting to put some things

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together with quarterback Jason Campbell at the helm.  The offense seems to have responded well to Campbell under center, and wide receiver Greg Little has come on as of late, making plays and catching almost everything thrown his way.

The Browns who were relatively healthy going into the bye week, now have had the extra week off to recharge and heal their bumps and bruises.  Next week’s showdown in Cincinnati against the Bengals will probably be the most important Browns game after a bye week in recent memory.

With the Bengals traveling to Baltimore today to play the Ravens, there are serious implications within the division at stake.  A Baltimore win puts the Bengals at 6-4 heading into the showdown with the Browns next week.  A Browns win would put them at 5-5 and one game back in the AFC North.  At the same time, with a Ravens win today they will be 4-5 and back in the hunt in this very unstable AFC North.

It’s gonna be interesting to see how this game plays out today and I’m sure all of Cleveland and all Browns fan’s everywhere will be tuning in to see who comes out on top.


Dawg Pound Daily Biscuits this Week

Leon McFadden to get bigger role for stretch run

Breakfast with Brownie

The New AFC North

Brownie Bites

Browns defensive coordinator Ray Horton had this to say yesterday about third-round pick Leon McFadden entering the fray in the Browns secondary.  “I have complete confidence in him…No reservations whatsoever.  He’s ready to play just as (reserve linebackers) Eric Martin and Paul Hazel.  Depth is great on our team and I have complete confidence in every single guy that puts on a hat, and when it’s his turn to go in there, they have to be ready for it, and he is one of those guys.”

Random Barks in the Twitter and Facebook Pound

>We would like to send out our condolences to Buckeye Chiver for his lack of luck when it comes to his work schedule.  I mean what are the odds this was the weekend he could have relaxed and enjoyed Ohio sports and both the Buckeyes and Browns were off?!?!

>Wow is this not the truth!!! Eric hits the nail right on the head with this tweet earlier this morning.  Even when the Browns are at their worst, we wouldn’t trade them in for the World!!

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