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Morning Browns fans it’s Gameday!!!

It’s time to get up, finish your chores, grab your Browns gear, get it on and let the game

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There will not be a television in Cleveland not tuned to their beloved Browns today at 1pm, when the Browns will play their most meaningful game in over two decades.

We are all beyond fired up here at Dawg Pound Daily, and their isn’t much more to say that our own Backwoods didn’t touch on in his Unleashed: It is Gameday piece earlier this morning.

Look for some exciting stuff this morning as we lead up to game time and be sure to join us in the live gameday thread at 1pm.

GO BROWNS!!!!!!!!!


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Breakfast with Brownie

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Browns linebacker D’Qwell Jackson after he was told it’s been over two decades since the Browns and Bengals played a meaningful game.  “Since 1989?” Browns linebacker D’Qwell Jackson said. “That’s a long time. It’s a good feeling that we’ve having this conversation about being in the position we are.”

Dave Lapham, Bengals radio analyst and former guard for the Bengals franchise(1974-83), had this to say about the Battle of Ohio.  “Back when I was playing, the Battle of Ohio meant something,” said Bengals radio analyst Dave Lapham, a guard for the franchise from 1974-83. “Recently it has been lip service. People have almost laughed at it. You would say Battle of Ohio and they would say what battle? . . . I’m big on traditions and I would like to see it resurrected.”

Random Barks in the Twitter and Facebook Pound

>Browns rookie guard Garrett Gilkey up and fired up for today’s game against the Bengals!!! Go Browns!!!

>Josh we could not agree with you more here at Dawg Pound Daily!!! We are shaking with excitement already!!!

>This picture says it all!!! Let’s turn Paul Browns Stadium into Browns town!!!

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