Browns: Will Alex “Trickshot” Tanney prove a Treat for fans?


The recent issues at quarterback have thrown Cleveland fans into a whirlwind of anger, confusion, sadness and worry, possibly accompanied by the relief of Weeden not being on the field. I do feel that Weeden stepped in rather well, although he had a few bad decisions, and it was surely good to see Gordon smashing records, hopefully like old habits.

Dec 1, 2013; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns quarterback Alex Tanney (7) warms up before the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at FirstEnergy Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The possibility has now emerged of Alex Tanney taking the helm. Many of us have seen the videos of Tanney’s trick shot throws and precision accuracy. After viewing it myself, I was left wondering if the Browns had indeed found a diamond in the rough.

He could very well prove to be as phenomenal on the field as he was in the video, but that remains to be seen. If nothing else, I hope he gets his shot. Is he ready now? I hope so, especially if he is to play Sunday. That being said, could any of us master an NFL playbook in a matter of weeks?

I am eager also to see how he handles himself under pressure. Precision throws are one thing, precision throws under duress are another beast altogether. As a fan first, I hope that he provides another glimmer of hope for the future. Even if he never takes a solid hold of a starting spot, this year should only verify the need and importance of quality depth at QB.

If his accuracy translates to the field and our offensive line allows him time to adjust to true NFL game speed, we may look at the front office in a much better light. I personally like what I have seen from our front office, but many have not, which is certainly to be expected, given the multitude of failures their predecessors have left in their wake.

I too, feel the pain of years lost, but take a solid look at the acquisitions the front office has made, which include Hoyer, Campbell, Tanney, Lewis, Bess, Mingo, Kruger, Groves, Bryant and Bryant, among others. Then subtract the injuries that have crippled the depth at quarterback, running back, special teams and the offensive line, a list that includes Hoyer, Campbell, Lewis, Benjamin, Pinkston and Lauvao, not to mention the defensive losses of Groves and Aubrey.

I have done the math, and for me, it adds up to a promising future rather than a front office failure. As is the case with much of our team and roster, only time will tell and it remains to be seen if our front office found a treat in Alex “Trickshot” Tanney. I am confident that I speak for Cleveland and Browns fans around the world with this concluding statement. These Dawgs are Hungry and we could use a Treat!