Browns Tailgating Recipes: Backwoods Biscuit Pie


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Greetings from the Backwoods!  Go Browns!

Today I share another recipe that can also be customized to your liking.  I had heard of similar recipes, but I got energetic one day and decided to make my own version.  It was a huge success and one of the easier ones to make!  I used biscuit dough for the first couple, with great results, but I have found crescent roll dough to be much easier to form into the crust.  If you use biscuits, I recommend slicing each in half first, so they are thinner and then allowing them to warm slightly, making them easier to form.

Backwoods Biscuit Pie

1-medium cast iron skillet (or small dutch oven)

2-cans crescent roll dough


1/2- package bacon (more if you’d like)

1 1/2-cup shredded cheddar cheese (reserve ½-cup for the top)


Chop bacon into bite-sized pieces and cook to your liking.  Scramble and cook eggs.  Set both the eggs and bacon aside.  In a cool, well-oiled cast iron skillet (or small dutch oven if camping/tailgating) spread crescent roll dough thinly across the bottom of the skillet and up the sides.

Note: Forming the crust can be tricky, be sure to leave enough dough set aside to cover the top after the other ingredients are added.  I usually start lining the sides first (leaving the excess toward the skillet bottom, and then roughly fit the pieces and smash all of the seams together.  Don’t be afraid to tear it into small pieces and form it that way.  You simply need a thin layer covering the skillet surface.

Once your crust is thinly formed across the surface and sides of the skillet, add the other ingredients (except the dough and cheese reserved for the top).  Once your ingredients are in, flatten them out, fold the sides over the top and continue to form your remaining dough into the top of the crust.  Take a knife or fork and poke several holes in the top crust.


If using a home oven:  Follow the temperature and cooking time for the dough, but it usually needs 2-3 minutes extra (cook until lightly browned).  Once it is cooked, layer the reserved cheese on top and return to heat until melted.

If tailgating:  Follow above directions with a dutch oven, or if using a cast iron skillet, cover with foil and close grill lid to cook.  Once cooked, remove foil, cover with cheese, and return to heat until the cheese is melted.  You can also cook at home and reheat at the game if you prefer.

Alternatives/Add-Ons:  Anything goes!

I have made numerous varieties, all with success.  Another favorite of mine is beef stew and mashed potatoes.  Create your own, or try a combination of any of the following: eggs, sausage gravy, corned beef hash, multiple cheeses, ham, steak, etc.  Its your biscuit, fill it with what you want.

Slice it like a pie and enjoy!  Feeds 4-6.