Browns vs. Steelers Live Game Thread, Season Finale


Dec 15, 2013; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns running back Edwin Baker (27) runs the ball during the third quarter against the Chicago Bears at FirstEnergy Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers face off in an appropriate matchup to finish the 2013 season for the Cleveland Browns.  The Browns find themselves at 4-11 while the Steelers are 7-8 with a chance to make the playoffs if they get help from three other teams losing in addition to a win.  The roster for the Browns is substantially better than the Steelers on the whole, but the difference in the game comes down to the one position; quarterback.  The Steelers have one in Ben Roethlisberger, who is almost single handedly dragging the Steelers into relevance at the end of the season while the Browns are trotting out Jason Campbell.  Until they have a quarterback, little else is going to matter with this team.

The Browns have a chance to play spoiler for the Steelers, unless the Ravens, Dolphins or Chargers win, in which case the moral victory is having the Steelers finish 7-9 as opposed to 8-8 in a rivalry the other side does not even recognize.  Maybe there is some value in beating the Steelers, but for people who are hoping for draft position, there might be more value in losing.

In that situation, the Browns appear to be poised to pick 4th in the NFL Draft.  The Oakland Raiders play the Denver Broncos today and win or lose, their strength of schedule should go past the Browns and have them flop draft position.  If the Jacksonville Jaguars can win against the Indianapolis Colts, the Browns could end up picking third overall.

Whether fans hope the Browns win or lose, those are the scenarios at play today.