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So..taking a page out of his former team’s playbook, Browns president Joe Banner seems to be looking for another

Jan 11, 2013; Berea, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns chief executive officer Joe Banner during a press conference at the team

Green Bay Packers’ quarterbacks coach to possibly fill the Browns head coaching vacancy.  As he did with the Eagles many years ago, when he and owner Jeffrey Lurie hired a little known quarterbacks coach named Andy Reid, to lead the Eagles for the next 14 years.  Reid led the Philadelphia Eagles to the Super Bowl, and four straight NFC Championships.

Maybe Joe Banner thinks he can repeat history and snag quarterbacks coach Ben McAdoo from the Green Bay Packers’.  McAdoo, did receive a ringing endorsement from his prized pupil, Aaron Rodgers.

“I sent him a text,” Rodgers told ESPN Wisconsin during his radio show Tuesday. “I said, ‘Make sure you put me down as a reference.’ Just a little pro athlete joke there, but I’m happy for Ben. Any opportunities he gets, he deserves. He’s a guy that works extremely hard. We had a long talk yesterday, and I just continued to echo the things that I felt about him and appreciate about him.”

“He’s a guy who really puts the time in. He’s got an incredible work ethic, and I think he’s really worked hard to become a better coach in the time that we’ve spent together and a guy who I really trust and appreciate for his approach and the way that he makes sure that his guys are prepared.”

This is actually one candidate that really intrigues me to be honest.

The biggest need now on this team is quarterback, and not only obtaining one in the draft, but also developing the position as well.  Who would be better to learn from then the guy that has helped Aaron Rodgers prepare, and a guy that gets nothing but rave reviews from Rodgers himself.

I’m very interested to see how this plays out in the next week or so….

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Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers on quarterbacks coach Ben McAdoo.  “He’s a guy who really understands scheme and preparation and how to install plays,” Rodgers said. “He did a great job the last couple years installing the red zone, and you saw him in front of the room every week. Every week he got more comfortable. More of his personality came out. There were jokes. There was an ability to control the room. Obviously the people who are interested in him for a head coaching job haven’t seen that, but to me, that’s an important quality of a head coach — the ability to control a room with your speech with humor when necessary. I’m happy for him getting opportunities.”

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>This is definitely something that needs to be perfected if you are an NFL quarterback.  If you look at Michael Vick and his lack of sliding ability, it has definitely cost him some games in his career.

>As we speak, Browns front office in Green Bay to interview McAdoo for the Browns head coaching job.

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