Josh McDaniels back in the fold?

By Mike

According to’s Tony Grossi, the Browns have had more conversations with Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniel’s this week and could possibly have thrown his name back in the Browns head coaching search.

As we are awaiting the Browns third interview tomorrow with the Bills defensive coordinator Mike Pettine, and the ever-growing speculation that he will be named the Browns’ next head coach sometime tomorrow, this is pretty surprising news.

If indeed McDaniel’s is back in the mix, it makes you wonder why the change of heart all of a sudden.  It was pretty clear, he was happy in New England, as the Patriots offensive coordinator, and more importantly, didn’t want to uproot his family again.

Maybe after the AFC Championship game, he had a bit more time to think about the opportunity,  without the burden of the championship game weighing on him.

Either way, the reality is McDaniel’s could now once again be the front-runner in this race and sweep in at the last second and actually land the gig.

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