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So it has finally come to an end Browns Fans!!!!!

Mike Pettine is the new head coach of your Cleveland Browns..

We have ourselves a head coach,  and from what we saw in the introductory press conference, he seems like a no nonsense

kind of guy.  Pettine may just be what this franchise has lacked for the past 14 years.

Pettine talked about building a football team around toughness, and not just physical toughness, but he spoke of having a mentally tough football squad as well.  He even went so far as to turning around the same old Browns culture, that has seemed to plague this franchise since its rebirth in 1999.

Now that the Browns have their coach in place, they can start to do the necessary things teams do this time of the year, in terms of free agency and the draft.  At this point they are a little behind, and Pettine talked about that yesterday.

“That’s not a perception, that’s absolute reality,” he said. “We are behind. As far as hiring, I think we’re in pretty good shape. A lot of things are in place or close to being in place. It’s definitely a work in progress, but that needs to be addressed immediately. As soon as I get out of this (press conference), I’m going to get out this (suit) and get into sweats and get that staff built. We’re behind the rest of the league in terms of our preparation for free agency and for the draft.”

We can now look forward to seeing who the coordinators are that Pettine will hire in the upcoming days, and look forward to the draft in May, and hope they finally find our “Franchise” quarterback.


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Browns CEO Joe Banner on the difficult decision to look past Seattle defensive coordinator Dan Quinn.  “I think we felt that we knew (Quinn) well enough to make the comparison,” said Banner. “That was a tough decision frankly. He’s an outstanding guy, an outstanding coach. There’s no doubt in our mind that he’ll be an excellent head coach, so that was a tough call. That’s probably the toughest decision, because there’s no doubt we were very impressed with him in the interview. He’s got a lot of people around the league that think very highly of him, but in the end we decided to move forward.”

New Browns coach Mike Pettine on free agents T.J. Ward and Alex Mack.  “Both outstanding players,” he said. “I think a big part of being successful in the NFL is to keep your own players, guys that you’ve had here that come up through the system. But again, you can’t overspend for those guys either just for the sake of having them. With Ozzie Newsome in Baltimore it was always right player, right price. A lot times you might have the right player and (if) you get priced out of it you have the ability to say you’ve got to move on. But from a coaching standpoint you always like to keep your own and those two are special players and would absolutely love to keep them around.”

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>Two past and present Browns quarterbacks hanging out at the cleveland sports awards last night.  

>Here is to hoping Breer is wrong about at least one of these predictions, namely the let Mack walk part.  If the Browns are gonna bring in and start a rookie quarterback next year, it is essential to have Mack back!!!

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