Browns Mike Pettine almost pulled out of coaching search


Jul 28, 2013; Pittsford, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator Mike Pettine points as he talks to the Bills defense during training camp at St. John Fisher College. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Newly hired head coach Mike Pettine told a Buffalo radio station that he almost pulled out of the Cleveland Browns coaching search.  While Pettine certainly wanted to know the answer and get a deal done, the reality is that Pettine was pushing this out of respect to the Buffalo Bills.  There will be plenty of spin that the Browns almost lost the guy many are criticizing for even hiring based on this report, but this had more to do with not putting the Bills in a worse spot than they were already going to be.

The Bills were really looking to get an answer to this situation, because they wanted to figure out if they needed to find a replacement defensive coordinator.  If they did, they wanted to possibly be able find their replacement while at the Reese’s Senior Bowl.

With the hiring of Pettine, the Bills not only need to find a replacement for Pettine but a few others on his staff that will be joining Pettine in Cleveland.  As with the entire search as a whole, this will be spun in a number of different direction that are negative.  This comes off more as a means to make sure the Bills, who employed him, would be able to come up with a plan to replace him, so they were not completely screwed after he left.

That is a matter of respect and appreciation for the time in Buffalo more than it is taking a shot at the Browns organization.  After all, he took the job.