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Browns coaching search: Bill Callahan won’t be let out of contact in Dallas


According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Dallas Cowboys plan to keep Bill Callahan through the end of his contract, whether they hire Scott Linehan to call plays or not.  Callahan has one year on his contract with the Cowboys and would remain as the offensive coordinator, but Linehan would call the plays.

This impacts the Cleveland Browns if they are indeed interested in Callahan as a potential offensive coordinator under Mike Pettine.  There has been no official contact between the Browns and Callahan because nothing can happen unless he is let out of his contract or the Browns promote him.  To this point, it seems more a matter of people connecting dots rather than anything actually linking the two parties.

Reportedly, Callahan is less than thrilled with the situation and should they hire Linehan, it will be interesting to see how he proceeds there.