Bernie Kosar Working with Chicago Bears (Warning: Photos in Bears Gear Enclosed)


Bernie Kosar is the most known Cleveland Browns quarterback for most fans. He is a fan favorite, even given all of his off the field issues since his retirement. Before he became known as a winner in New England, Bill Belichick was most known for cutting Kosar. Kosar was so popular that a parody song was made of him, long before that became a normal thing:

Not the greatest song but given the time that it was made pretty impressive devotion to the QB. Kosar, out of the University of Miami, played scrappy and made the most of his skills as he could. Never the most mobile, his sidearm throws electrified Cleveland crowds before Art Modell moved the team.

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Recently Kosar worked on television and radio broadcasts for the Browns but this year he will not be. So it comes as little surprise that he has joined his old QB coach Marc Trestman during the Chicago Bears mini camp, though the pictures seem a bit off for the long time Brown:

At first the orange doesn’t seem wrong but when the B on the shirt gives way to a E instead of an R, to Bears instead of Browns, it feels like Bernie is cheating on his fans. We know that not to be true as Kosar hasn’t been invited to be a part of the team he played for, so he has moved on. The question is can Browns fans?

Do you blame Bernie for working with the Bears?