2000 NFL Draft 1st Rd. QB Comparisons: Should Johnny Manziel Sit This Year?

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2000 NFL Draft

Chad Pennington

Started as Rookie? Year One First 3 Years Career
No Grade N/A B C

Pennington played in 1 game for the New York Jets his rookie season and only in 2 games the following year throwing a total of 25 passes in 2 years. His third season was his big chance in the Big Apple. Pennington threw for 22 TDs and only 6 INTs, throwing for over 3,000 yards. In the 3 seasons he started 15 games or more led to high quality seasons. Unfortunately that was only 3 total season, 2 with the Jets and 1 with the Miami Dolphins. Based on those 3 good seasons as well as decent play when on the field Pennington grades out with a C for his career.

Data Summary

With only 1 QB in the draft another starter is added to the data for QBs who didn’t start their rookie year. We will add 3.0 to the 3 year category and 2.0 to the career category for that set of data.


The 2000 Draft with Pennington doesn’t provide a huge amount of information but it is fair to say that Pennington would of had a better grade had been able to stay healthy. Unfortunately for he and the Jets that didn’t happen. It is a warning for the Browns and Manziel as his physical stature could put him in danger of getting hurt like Pennington. A year off could help him get stronger as well as use time for film study to avoid the rush and big hits.

Does Pennington’s career arc create optimism or pessimism regarding Manziel?