Father’s Day Wishes From DPD


With Father’s Day going on, like many other Holidays we are choosing to not post unless there is breaking news for the majority of the day. We often look at sports as a distraction from the stresses of life but today for many men this is an exciting day. To be distracted from that would not be our goal. For other men, and some women, this day brings up memories that they would prefer not to think about.

For both we want to encourage you to focus on the positives of the men in your lives and for the Father’s out there the men that you are. Sports often are passed down by fathers to sons. It is an opportunity for them to pass on their passion, and craziness, that has formed much of the down time in their lives. For Cleveland Browns fans this has been a life time passion. The Browns have captured the heart of Clevelandars and hasn’t let go. Even when the Tribe and Cavs were doing well and the Browns were terrible the town seems wrapped around the finger of the Browns teams.

For many of you your first thoughts of football is of your father, grandfather or uncle telling you why something happened in a game and whey the Steelers and Bengals, and for you young folks the Ravens, are really the Squeelers, Bungals and RatBirds. For sons and daughters it was a time to come together for a singular purposes and a unique connection. Those Sunday mornings coming home from church, or brunch, or just sleeping in, the early afternoon was full of anticipation and many times the late afternoon full of despair.

Yet today, on Father’s Day, we salute those men who, know matter the relationship, provided our need for a father. We celebrate the bond that often was brought together through sports. And we thank the sports we love for bring us together and giving us stuff to talk to our fathers about.

To all fathers “Happy Father’s Day” and Go Browns!