No Appeal Hearing Set for Josh Gordon


The Cleveland Browns season does not rest on the shoulders of one man. Yet for most Browns fans Josh Gordon‘s availability is decisive in how much hope they have for the team for this up coming season. Tell a fan that Gordon won’t be suspended and they believe the Browns will compete, and win, the AFC North. Tell a fan that Gordon is out for the year and they hope the team can reach 7 or 8 wins led by the defense and the running game. Unfortunately we just don’t know what is going on with Gordon. The news broke the second day of the draft that Gordon was going to be suspended (I remember as I was standing in line to get in to Radio City Music Hall getting the information via Twitter), yet here were are at the end of June with no definitive information on Gordon’s status.

Pro Football Talk came out yesterday and reported that there isn’t even an appeal set on the NFL calendar yet:

This could have a lot of meaning behind or none. Gordon has obviously started the appeal process, or he would of been suspended already. It could mean one or both sides needed more time to review and get evidence on their side. Often when cases like these do not go smoothly it is due to some type of problem on one side or the other. It could mean Gordon won’t get suspended for the entire year. It could mean he won’t be suspended at all. Or it could mean the NFL wants to make sure they have a seal tight case and won’t start the appeal process until they are ready to.

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For the Browns timing seems important but really may not. His year long suspension is actually a indefinite suspension that he can apply for reinstatement after a year. There is no guarantee that he will be permitted back in the NFL or with the Browns upon completion of the year. His behavior during the year, in which he will be away from the team entirely will decide the consequences. His recent run in with the law where he was speeding and his friend had marijuana probably won’t help his case.

Either way it looks like no news is no news. The surprise and interesting thing is that there is nothing scheduled with the NFL. That means the appeal process officially has not started yet. This could play out for weeks more leaving the Browns in uncertainty. Browns fans will hope for the best and prepare for the worst, a talent we are very good at.

What are your thoughts on the Gordon process? Concerned? Encouraged?