Report: Zak Gilbert Resigns from Cleveland Browns


According to a report by Waiting For Next Year the PR Director of the Cleveland Browns, Zak Gilbert, has resigned his position with the team. Gilbert was hired last year to run the department after time with the Oakland Raiders. He was fired from the Raiders from the same position.

For the Browns this has to raise concerns, though it is not a move that impacts the on field performance, Gilbert was involved with many of decision making on how things are presented by the team. Gilbert was responsible for helping control the Johnny Manziel circus, and before that the difficulties with the transition from Joe Banner to Ray Farmer within one year. Not an easy job for anyone. Does this show signs of instability still inside of the team?

Personally Gilbert has been fully supportive of this writer starting with Factory of Sadness and now with Dawg Pound Daily. He assisted through coverage of the NFL Draft, was responsive to any request and provided this writer with his direct cell phone number. Gilbert was great to talk to, email with and text with. He was working with us to get us credentialed next year to cover the game.

For a team that is a big deal, giving any attention to a lowly writer who is a professional counselor by trade, is amazing. Gilbert did so and I will be forever grateful to him and wish him luck as he goes. No information on why he is leaving yet.