Brian Hoyer Ranked 29th Among Starting QBs on ESPN


We have been looking at whether or not Johnny Manziel should sit a year based on the history of first round QBs since 1999. Brian Hoyer currently sits atop the throne of the QB depth chart for the Browns and could quite easily keep that throne going into the regularly season. Will it be enough? How do opposing GMs and coaches see Hoyer?

ESPN attempted to answer that with their ranking of all 32 starting QBs using anonymous league insiders. This is a description of their process for their Insider Article (Costs $):

"I asked 26 league insiders to grade every projected starting quarterback on a 1-5 scale, with “one” reserved for the best and “five” for the worst. Eight general managers, two former GMs, four pro personnel evaluators, seven coordinators, two head coaches, two position coaches and a top executive participated, attacking the project with gusto almost across the board."

So a unique grouping of evaluators where used for this article, giving a good look at what many people think about the QBs in the league. Not surprisingly Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers tied for the top spot with young Andrew Luck coming in 5th. Hoyer on the other hand ranked 29th with the following information:

"29. Brian Hoyer, Cleveland Browns (4.28 average rating)Hoyer and Henne drew positive reviews as backups, but not as starters. “Hoyer is a great backup,” one defensive coordinator said. “He can win some games for you, but if he had to start all 16, that’s going to be tough.”A head coach put it this way: “He is a four leaning toward a three, but he is a four. He is OK. He is smart. He gets the ball out quick. He knows what he’s doing in the New England system. He was playing pretty well for the Browns last year before he got hurt.”"

A lot of positive feedback about Hoyer, but none great. A 3 leaning to a 4 means he is just okay. The description of Hoyer’s play is everything Browns fans loved about him last year, basically that he wasn’t Brandon Weeden. He makes quick decisions and is intelligent. Had Hoyer not gotten hurt last year he either would of been higher on this list or not be competing for the starting job and not on this list at all.

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Just above Hoyer in this tier are a few of QBs who have bounced around a little and are most likely not their teams long term starting QBs: Matt Schaub (25), Chad Henne (26) and Matt Cassell (28). Also above Hoyer is EJ Manuel who is a young guy that could have a huge season or could continue to struggle with timing and accuracy, as well as health.

The only QBs ranked below Hoyer are Ryan Fitzpatrick (30), Jake Locker (31) and Geno Smith (32). Smith and Locker could still be their teams QBs of the future but Locker is on his last legs and Smith has to fight off Michael Vick this year for the starting job. Hoyer’s play last year clearly should have him ranked higher then these 3, and most likely Schaub, Henne and Cassell.

Where would you rank Hoyer?