Happy 4th of July from DPD


Today is the day we celebrate the Independence of our country. A day often filled with family, barbecues and a bunch of fun. It is also a day to remember and thank all of those who have served our country to ensure our freedoms. Things like sports are only possible as entertainment because of the freedoms we enjoy. In many other countries sports are not an option, and where they are they only help to distract from the horrific issues their countries are dealing with.

Yet we in America, in Cleveland particularly get the chance to talk about sports as if they are vital importance because of the freedoms we share. Whether Josh Gordon gets suspended or Johnny Manziel does something else of note on social media are news, subject of conversation and cause for angst because of the blessed freedoms we enjoy here in our country.

Whether its corn hole, lawn darts, horseshoes or just fireworks we wish you a happy 4th of July.

For all of you that have served our country proudly in the military we thank and salute you. To those mothers, fathers, wives, husbands and children of our troops we thank you for your bravery as well as your family member serves all of us.

Happy 4th of July! Happy Freedom Day! Have Independence Day! And as always Go Browns!