Another Concerning Johnny Manziel Picture Surfaces


Johnny Manziel is a unique person and football player. Nothing he does should be a surprise. One night its a picture on a swan with a bottle of alcohol, the very next day he is at a charity event with kids. Unfortunately the pictures that get spread most are those of him doing something negative, understandable in today’s social media obsessed society. Manziel is back in the news with this picture:

Looking at the picture the very quick, and obvious thought, is that he is rolling up money to use a substance. Being in a bathroom with a drink and rolling up a bill is not a great look for Manziel. He is currently in Las Vegas and unfortunately for him what happened there didn’t stay there. Manziel is obviously enjoying his first summer off from school before he takes on his career in the NFL.

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For Cleveland Browns fans this is a big concern especially following the problems of Josh Gordon with substances. For a little education for those worried about Manziel testing positive for a substance lets take a look at how long someone can test positive. For Marijuana, Gordon’s primary issue, a person could still be positive between 21 and 30 days after smoking the weed. Opiates are anywhere between 8 and 24 hours. Cocaine is 3 to 5 days. So depending on what substance a person uses decides how long they could get in trouble.

Manziel stated he wasn’t going to change who he was, and partying in Las Vegas is a sign that he was not lying. As has been reported before Manziel is the type of personality that seems to go all in on everything he does. He parties hard. He plays hard. He doesn’t seem to know how to down shift at all.

Does this picture move the needle on how you think of Manziel at all?