Rich Eisen’s Johnny Manziel MadLib = Hilarious


As “silly season” is slowly coming to an end Rich Eisen has decided to make a little fun out of the crazy Johnny Manziel stories. Manziel has been the object of affection, ridicule and concern since being drafted by the Cleveland Browns. Pictures, Instagram videos, etc have painted him in a bad light, even though none of the behavior is illegal or says anything about his ability as the QB for the Browns. Eisen took over for Peter King this week on MMQB and presented us with this MadLib challenge:

"Think about it. If his post-combine life was one great, big MadLib—you know, the famous fill-in-the-blank children’s word game—it would appear as if Manziel’s answers have all been chosen by Harvey Levin.For example, let’s pretend this MadLib got published back in May, right after the first-round of the NFL Draft in New York City:“After hanging with ________ and ________ in ________, Johnny Manziel was then spotted at ________ with his new _______ and _______ before _______ and being ______ a rolled-up _________.”"

Before you go any farther, fill it in for yourself. I’ll wait…

Now lets look at how I might fill it out:

“After hanging with friends and family in Texas, Johnny Manziel was then spotted at the club with his new fling and his boys before partying and being hit with a rolled-up magazine.

My imagination goes to him getting in trouble with his new girl when he is seen flirting with other girls. This leads him to get hit by the rolled-up magazine that one of the girls was trying to get him to sign. Where did your imagination go? Good? Bad? Terrible? Awesome.

Eisen goes on to look at how two opposite entities would fill in the blanks: Jimmy Haslam and TMZ:

"First, here are the answers Cleveland Browns brass from owner Jimmy Haslem on down would have collectively chosen:“After hanging with his old choir and pastor in church, Johnny Manziel was then spotted at home with his new playbook and practice DVDs before calling his dog and being brought a rolled-up newspaper.”Fair enough. Now, here’s how the snark-aholics at TMZ would have filled out the MadLib at their cubicles:“After hanging with Rob Gronkowski and bikini hotties in Las Vegas, Johnny Manziel was then spotted at a Hollywood party with his new friends Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweather before going back to Vegas and being caught on Twitter holding a rolled-up 20-dollar bill.”Incredible. The only thing missing is a Kardashian of some kind."

Well played and very creative by Eisen to even think about the Manziel story in this way. Eisen goes on to talk through the options that the Manziel story has to play out. Check out the article for full details but here is the gist: 1) Manziel starts and is good, 2) Starts and struggles, 3) Hoyer starts and is good and 4) Hoyer starts and struggles.

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