Reports: Josh Gordon Checked into Rehab After DUI


While we understand that Josh Gordon will have his appeal hearing next Friday, August 1st with the NFL, it seems he may have made steps to attempt to help himself. Mike Garafolo, who works for Fox Sports 1, reported that Gordon checked himself into rehab following his DUI:

Adam Schefter followed up with some details regarding Gordon’s rehab stay:

It is a good sign that Gordon sought help. While many will, and have, argued about marijuana, using a substance that is banned by your employment is a concern. Driving a motor vehicle while impaired, different states have different definitions of impaired, is also a concern.

Gordon checking himself into rehab, and it staying private until now, is a great sign for his understanding of his problem. As a professional counselor that has worked with clients who have had issues with substances the length of stay is interesting. Inpatient (rehab) care is for clients who cannot function successfully in society due to their substance use. General minimum recommended stay for inpatient is at least 21 to 30 days. This is especially true for marijuana, whose half life is around 30 days depending on body composition and a number of other factors. That means THC would still likely be in Gordon’s system when he left rehab.

The next step down from inpatient treatment is Intensive Outpatient Treatment. In Ohio that standard of care requires 10 hours of treatment a week, with a high recommendation for group therapy as most of that treatment. The next step lower is Standard Outpatient Treatment which varies from 1 to 2 hours a week usually.

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I am not saying Gordon needed inpatient, needed to stay in inpatient nor recommending what type of treatment he may still need. Instead wanted to take the opportunity to provide some information about the type of treatment Gordon might be getting.

One of the unfortunate pieces to the NFL’s drug suspension is the cutting off of the player from the team. The Browns, once Gordon is suspended, can’t get him counseling, monitor his progress, provide him support or engage with him at all.

Gordon seems to have taken the right step. Doing so privately and before his suspension has even been appealed, much less announced, is a sign of maturity. Can Gordon overcome his history of decisions regarding the substance? One thing that is pretty certain is that he will have to in order to stay in the league.

What do you make of this news?