Fan Kickstarter: Statue for the Cleveland Brown Who Brings a Championship


Joe Haden talked about the race between the Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Cavaliers for who wins a championship first. Haden talked about the player that led the team to a championship would get a statue in Cleveland right away. A fan took that literally and created a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money to build the statue. We received this in an email:

"I agree with Joe Haden — the race is on between the Cavs and Browns for a trophy.Today I launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a statue for a Browns player who leads the team to a Super Bowl.Given your love of the Browns, I thought you might enjoy it.  Here’s the link: regards,Daniel Danello"

Part of his Kickstarter campaign was this video:

He put a lot of effort into the video. The Kickstarter campaign is for a quality cause. Obviously first the Browns must win the Super Bowl but if/when they do the money will be well worth it. Lets take a look at a few details from the campaign:

"Cleveland fans have waited 50 years for a sports championship.The MVP Classic Award aims to break that streak.The award offers a Browns player the ultimate incentive for winning a title – a life-size statue in Cleveland.Pledged funds will pay for the cost of the statue.The MVP Classic Award is intended to be a MVP of the fans, by the fans, and for the fans.The award is created and given by Browns fans who are backers.Backers will receive an electronic newsletter that will be a forum to identify, support, and cheer Browns worthy of a MVP Classic Award.Backers who pledge $100 will be eligible to purchase a replica of the MVP Classic Award statue."

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Is this something you will pledge money towards?

Is this something you are proud of coming from our dedicated fans?

What do you think would happen the day the Browns won a Super Bowl? What are you excited most to see happen? What are you most worried about happening?

Are you going to pledge to this Kickstarter?