An Interview With Mike Pettine Reviewed


Mike Pettine was interviewed by You can watch the entire interview here, as we give you some of the highlights.

What can fans expect to see in camp?

“We are going to have fun at camp. We are going to get after it. Cranking the music. Upbeat and lively.”

“Master the physical techniques.”

“A team that is tough and physical you don’t have to open your eyes to know. You can just close them and hear it.”

  • Sounds like an exciting camp for those attending. A lot of noise and a lot of hitting.


“I don’t think there is any better motivated then pure competition.”

“You don’t want guys to get comfortable and get stagnant in their roles.”

“The obvious one that everyone will talk about is Quarterback (competition). Justin Gilbert is gonna have to beat out Buster (Skrine) on the outside. Chris Kirksey and Craig Robertson will be some healthy competition for their second inside linebacker spot.”

“You look at wide receiver and we have a so many guys, some young guys that a lot of people don’t know about that we think might be able to step up.”

  • Pettine doesn’t seem like he will give the benefit to a player based on his contract, draft spot or history. Instead he seems to value competition and will let the best players win. It doesn’t seem that he will play rookies just to give them some experience and he is more likely to value a veteran that knows how to play the game.

Deciding on the starting QB

“I don’t think there is any one way to describe it. We’ll get to a point as a staff, all things being equal, who gives us the best chance to win. To me that is the bottom line. We want to make sure it is a fair competition, that it is open. It needs to have a resolution at some point as well.”

His Biggest Takeaway from Off-Season Work

“Overall it was the buy in. Players responded to the new staff coming in and doing different things and things they weren’t used to. The attitudes been great. We are going to lean on that. Very impressed by the overall intelligence of this team. Things were picked up quicker. We are cautiously optimistic heading into camp.”

  • Bought in, intelligent players should result in quicker results then expected starting a new regime. If the players are also talented it will greatly help the process as well.

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What He Wants Fans to Know

“We want to make the city proud. We have built a group of coaches and assembled a group of players that love the game of football. That are as passionate about it as passionate as the fans are here. Our number one goal is to make them proud.

  • Not sure you can be as passionate as Browns fans. Cleveland is passionate about the sports teams. It often leads to poor choices but passion is always evident.

Does Pettine’s presentation excite you?