AFC North Makes the “Super Bowl”


While the Cleveland Browns have not shown the ability to compete for a spot in the Super Bowl, they have helped the AFC North reach ours. FanSided’s NFL group created All Division teams to compete against each other. The North defeated the West, based on your votes to make the Super Bowl to face the NFC North.

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Many might be surprised to see these 2 divisions facing off but it shows the devotion shown by their fan bases. The AFC finds their foundation with their offensive and defensive lines along with a stellar trio at wide receiver. The NFC North counters with perhaps the best quarterback in the league, 4 receivers (with no tight end) and a couple interesting pieces on the defensive side of the ball. In fantasy football world the NFC would be the clear favorites for Super Bowl Trophy but on the field could the big uglies be the deciding factor?

Lets take a look at the teams side by side:

You can see the entire write up here. You can vote their on the site of vote below.

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After you vote copy and paste this into a tweet to help the AFC North win the “Super Bowl” and give us bragging rights going into the the season:

"AFC North Battles the NFC North for @FansidedNFL. Go to @DawgPoundDaily to cast your vote!"

Who did you vote for?