Cleveland Browns Training Camp: Day 3 Prep


With Cleveland Browns Training Camp in full force, and most of us back to work, we take a look forward at what today might look like for the team. You can look back at Day 1 and Day 2 here. For the Browns and Mike Pettine these are the practices that really give them an idea where the team is. After a couple of days in shorts to get the basics down, the team gets to starting something that looks a lot more like football.

Padded Practices

Today is the first padded practices under Pettine. He has made it clear that he wants to hear a lot of popping from the players hitting. Padded practices even out things a bit more then in shorts for the players. Pure athletes and speedsters can look great until pads are put on and hitting begins. This is where the players who are in the trenches make their money. Pettine wants to develop a very physical team and that emphasis will start today.


Connected with the padded practices are the injuries that tend to come when hitting starts. Many teams have been bitten by major injuries even before the pads have gone on. The Browns have had major injuries, most notably LeCharles Bentley, in the past during camp. Avoiding major injuries, while still being fully physical is a challenge for the coaching staff. Rolled ankles often can be a problem, though much more minor then knees and Achilles type injuries. The storms that passed through should help the humidity but staying hydrated is still vitally important. Dehydration can greatly impact muscles and tendons leading to strains and pulls.

Jason Pinkston

Just this morning the Browns and his agent sent out a quick release about Pinkston’s situation. We covered his mysterious situation in our Day 2 roundup. Needless to say this statement contradicts Pinkston’s tweet:

Pinkston made it clear the team could explain, the team made it clear Pinkston’s camp didn’t want them to explain. Some communication is off somewhere.

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Fan Attendance

With many of us back to work, attendance will probably drop slightly during the week. Some take vacation days just to see camp, not surprising given the devotion Browns fans show. Even with attendance lighter expect a good amount of noise and a ton of excitement. As a kid growing up I would of loved to spend my summer vacation at Browns camp, sadly never got to do so.

Camp Star

Expect someone over the next 2 to 3 days to break out as the camp star. The player who comes out of no where to captivate the crowd and get the internet buzzing. In the past this has been Frisman Jackson, Ben Gay and Dion Lewis. Charles Johnson is the leading candidate this year but the team doesn’t lack for out of no where type players that could be Browns household names, at least until the season starts, by the end of this week.

What are you look forward to in camp today?