For $100K You Could Own Johnny Manziel’s Jersey


The Johnny Manziel phenomenon is strong nationally, lukewarm locally in Cleveland and a raging inferno in his home state of Texas. The current backup quarterback for the Cleveland Browns drew crowds and drove revenue for the Texas A&M program so much so that a booster wanted to name the stadium “The House that Johnny Built.”

Now you can have a piece of Manziel history as an auction house is expecting a game worn Aggies jersey to go for $100,000. The jersey is from his Heisman season and includes his autograph. If it does go for what the auction house expects it to it would be the biggest price paid for a game worn college football jersey.

According to this report Cleveland fans will have the opportunity to bid on this one of a kind item in August when the auction takes place in Cleveland:

"The auction runs from Aug. 6 thru Aug. 23 and the jersey will be displayed in Cleveland at the National Sports Collectors Convention."

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What would you be willing to pay for this jersey from such a historical season? How much would you bet that the winning bidder is either from Texas or has his roots in Texas, especially Texas A&M?

Just think what a Cleveland Browns Super Bowl winning Manziel jersey would fetch on the open market? Cleveland fans begging for a winner for some many years may mortgage their houses, sell their children’s college funds and spend a little time at the Horseshoe to try to raise the funds to buy that.

Is it a bad sign for our society that a jersey can be worth around double what a school teacher makes in a year?

How do you feel about buying this jersey for 100K?