Browns Training Camp: Day Off Impact & Day 5 Preview


The Cleveland Browns Training Camp took a day off yesterday, but that doesn’t mean it is not an impactful day off. Fans should get ready for a ton of reports coming out of camp that are directly impacted by the day off. As a preview for Day 5 of camp we look at a few of the impacts the Day Off will have on the team:

Player Acquisition

Following a few days of competition the Browns added two players to their team: Offensive Lineman Ryan Lee and Safety/Special Teams Jim Leonhard. After getting to see where the team is the Browns decided to add a few players to the pile. We covered the Leonhard signing yesterday and the impact it could have on the team. It is likely that Mike Pettine and Ray Farmer saw a need for some more experience and Pettine system knowledge which led to Leonhard. Bringing in big bodies, on both lines, will always be something we expect with this regime. Lee is a big body that could have some upside but will likely not make the 53 man roster.


For players coming off injuries and veterans with a lot of miles on their legs the day off is a nice day of rest. For the younger players, which is a lot of the Browns roster, it is a day to recuperate and learn from their body what they need to do to make it through camp. Players often think they are in shape until they get into camp. Vets know how to prepare for the rigors while rookies and younger players are used to letting their physical talents take over. A day of rest is beneficial to all, even if coaches hate the mandate from the NFL in the new CBA.

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Rotation Changes

Perhaps the biggest impact, and what will lead to the most reports out of Berea today, is how playing time and reps are split up differently. Coaches don’t take days off and spent most of their time reviewing film and deciding what they want to do moving forward. Today you can expect to be surprised by 1 or 2 players either being moved up or down in the amount of reps they get and with what string team they are on. Could Justin Gilbert be bumped up ahead of Buster Skrine? Has anyone unseated Garrett Gilkey or Joel Bitonio for the guard spots? After a whole day of film study the coaches are likely to make some changes that will further give us information about who is doing well and who is not.

What are you looking forward to today at Browns Training Camp?