Report: Josh Gordon’s Appeal Hearing Pushed Back


Josh Gordon‘s appeal hearing, scheduled for tomorrow, is going to be pushed back according to Adam Schefter. The reason? Commissioner Roger Goodell will be in Canton tomorrow as a part of the Hall of Fame ceremonies:

(Sarcasm paragraph) It makes a lot of sense for Goodell to push off meeting with a Cleveland Browns player due to his travel schedule. With the Hall of Fame proceedings being so far away from New York both the commissioner and Gordon would have to travel to try to meet in Canton. It would be unreasonable for them to meet outside of the NFL offices as well. Sadly the Hall of Fame events were obviously scheduled after Gordon’s appeal date was set. The commissioner is probably very frustrated with the process. (End Sarcasm)

So the NFL scheduled an appeal on a date where the commissioner needed to be in Canton, you know an hour or less from Cleveland, for Hall of Fame events. Instead of using that convenience to try to expedite the process the league is now pushing back the resolution of a  problem that the public was aware of the 2nd day of the NFL Draft. Back in May!  To also only reschedule a day or two in advance is unprofessional. With all the reports out over the last few days on Gordon we assume this information is new.

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For the Browns and Gordon this continues to delay the unfortunate process further. Interestingly Goodell is also set to meet with Josh Brent next week. As you might recall, Brent is the Dallas Cowboys player who got into a car accident while intoxicated that ended up killing his teammate. Brent was sentenced to 180 days in jail. With the Ray Rice suspension and the Brent situation this upcoming week the Gordon suspension will be under a microscope being compared to those two.

Needless to say this doesn’t help paint the NFL in a good light and continues to make Gordon out as a sympathetic figure. Browns fans who were once over the top angry at Gordon are more and more on his side now.

(Update: Mary Kay Cabot is reporting Gordon’s appeal is still on for tomorrow and Goodell just won’t be there:

MKC versus Schefter – Who do you believe? End Update)

(Update #2: It looks like both are correct. Appeal tomorrow and meeting with Goodell to make the final decision next week. Still seems a bit cluster like but hopefully Browns, Gordon and the fans have conclusion next week. End Update #2)

What do you think of this new development?