Josh Gordon Hearing Goes Over 9 Hours, Not Done


Josh Gordon had his appeal hearing today in New York. Josh Gordon will have his appeal hearing Monday in New York. Those two statements are both true because following NINE and a HALF HOURS the appeal hearing isn’t complete and will continue on Monday according to Pro Football Talk:

Folks that is a long time. I shared my thoughts on Twitter around 4 o clock when it seemed like the hearing was lasting a long time:

Now it could be both a good sign and detailed lawyers but we can agree that this means a ton of information is being shared in the hearing. PFT jokes about filibustering but the arbitrator would see right through that and force Gordon’s lawyers to wrap it up if they were presenting the same information over and over again.

Instead this means that Gordon’s lawyers came prepared and have a slew of information and questions that they are presenting to the arbitrator. This likely means that the arguments goes far beyond the “second hand smoke” and “bottle A, bottle B difference” arguments. Gordon’s lawyers are likely able to present testimony from Gordon, professionals in the drug testing field and any other appropriate people.

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For Gordon and Browns fans this should be seen as a good sign but not reason to celebrate just yet. Having to present and argue so long in the appeal also likely means that Gordon’s case against the NFL is not clear cut. Instead his lawyers are likely trying to get the arbitrator to decide between shades of grey, but in Gordon’s favor. It also means we won’t have resolution to this case until Tuesday at the earliest, even if news leaks a bit Monday evening.

Thankfully we all get to go into the weekend without having to wonder if Gordon news will leak at any moment. Instead we get to wait till Monday afternoon for that.

What do you make of the length of this meeting?