Browns Scrimmage: Brian Hoyer 1st Team, Johnny Manziel 2nd


Mike Pettine and Kyle Shanahan have said or alluded to giving some first team snaps to Johnny Manziel over Brian Hoyer. That was expected to start yesterday in practice and continue today at the Family Day Browns Scrimmage. Instead yesterday Hoyer was with the 1s and Manziel with the 2s. Today in their first game type action that rotation will continue:

This seems opposite of what Pettine and Shanahan said recently but fits perfectly into everything both Pettine and GM Ray Farmer have said since taking over the team. They have made it clear that they expected Hoyer to win the job and that any rookie, this was before the NFL Draft, would have a tough time starting in Year 1.

The national media may make a story out of this but for most in the local media this has been expected. It is quite possible that Hoyer could be named the opening game starter around the first pre-season game. One game of true live action could seal the deal for the Cleveland native.

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The understanding is that the scrimmage won’t be available to watch anywhere and only highlights and recaps will be available online according to Browns PR guy Kevin Griffin:

Expect to hear Hoyer making the good, consistent plays while Manziel struggles with timing patterns but makes some plays that make the crowd ooh and aah. The results of today, barring injury, could have little to do with the winner of the QB competition. Instead the day in, day out success or failures of each player will make that decision for the team. Hoyer still holding all of the 1st team snaps means the coaches have liked what they have seen.

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