Josh Gordon Returns to Camp, Appeal On Going


Josh Gordon‘s day in court literally took the whole day on Friday, ending after almost 10 hours. His appeal continues today so many where shocked to see his car pull into Berea and then to see him on the field for camp:

There are a few ways to read into this. First is that Gordon did everything he could do live in New York and wanted to return to his team to continue practicing for as long as he can. Less likely is that Gordon knows the results of the appeal, good or bad, and left to be with his team. More likely is the possibility of a settlement negotiation between Gordon’s lawyers and the NFL in which the arbitrator would work. That type of legalese would be over most of our heads so sticking around for it may not be beneficial.

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Gordon will likely participate in today’s appeal hearing through the gift of technology after the completion of practice. The appeal hearing is set to begin again sometime after noon:

Just another page in the odd saga of Gordon’s off-season. A suspension that was leaked in early May finally gets appealed in early August, has to be extended through a weekend and may get finalized with Gordon on teleconference.

The results are likely not to be known until mid to late week. Most NFL suspensions are announced Friday afternoon around 4:45 PM as to minimize the PR hit. If anything is scheduled for earlier then that it should be seen as good news.

What has surprised you the most in the Gordon saga?