Browns Preparing for 8 Game Minimum Josh Gordon Ban


The Josh Gordon saga is on going, and at this point we, like many of you, think it is ridiculous. The league and Gordon’s team had the information regarding the suspension at the beginning of May. Now 3 months later the appeal hearing is heard and a week to THREE weeks from now we should hear a ruling. Timely.

Not only is Gordon’s season in jeopardy but he won’t be able to apply to return to the league next year until 365 days after his suspension starts, if he gets the reported one year. Wonder how long that appeal process might take? The optimist thinks this means Gordon is likely to get off with less then a year and it looks like the Cleveland Browns might be thinking the same thing based on this Mary Kay Cabot report:

"The Browns are bracing themselves for at least an eight-game suspension for receiver Josh Gordon, league sources told"

She goes on to talk about the current status of the appeal. The arbitrator doesn’t have the ability to give Gordon an 8 game suspension, only 0 games or a full season. The 8 game, or any number in between 0 and 16, would have to be negotiated by the NFL and Gordon’s team.

That there could be an settled upon agreement means each side has some doubt in their ability to win the arbitration. The league pushing for a settlement, which it seems to be doing with such a delayed decision timeframe from the appeal hearing, lends to a good result for Gordon.

Yet will Gordon’s team see this as well and work toward a 4 game suspension or take the gamble and hope for no games at all? How will Roger Goodell try to save face, both his and the NFL’s in this process?

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Because of the league’s slow process we are still left with far more questions then answers. What we think we know based on MKC’s report is that Gordon could be back in time for a huge Thursday Night division game:

"In the event Gordon’s ban is reduced to eight games, he’d be eligible to return Nov. 6 at Cincinnati, a Thursday night game on NFL Network. The final eight contests include three AFC North contests, two against the Bengals and one against the Ravens in the finale."

Eight games of Gordon, with 3 division games, could play a huge role in deciding the North, Cleveland’s draft status and even long term Gordon’s contract with the Browns or another team.

What do you think of an 8 game suspension?