Browns Training Camp: Hoyer & Thomas’ Kids “Win” With Picture


The Cleveland Browns Training Camp is in progress. Days like yesterday, with Robin Williams and the riots in Ferguson, its a great reminder that sports are not important but are great distractions. With that we have just a little positive, fun, cute picture to share this morning to get your Tuesday off on the right foot. Via ESPN NFL Twitter feed:

We are assuming that ESPN is accurate that these are Brian Hoyer and Joe Thomas‘ kids.

It is in the cute, relaxed, fun days of Training Camp that brings us back to the purity of sports. MLB does a great job during Spring Training of bringing adults back to their childhood. Being able to attend Training Camp with players near by, signing autographs and interacting with coaches and players. It brings out the child in all of us.

With this picture hopefully we can all smile just a little bit as you go about your day.

Hopefully it is a reminder of what really is important in your life.

Hopefully us Browns fans can carryover the fun, excitement and youthful joy of Training Camp into the season this year with a successful season.

What is your childhood memory of the Cleveland Browns?