Brian Hoyer: Why a Trade Might Make Sense


The Cleveland Browns signed Rex Grossman yesterday. Quickly Twitter blew up with nonsensical thoughts that the signing of Grossman meant the Browns would trade Brian Hoyer. This is not an article along those lines. Grossman’s signing will have zero impact on Hoyer with the Browns.

Only Johnny Manziel has any impact on the Cleveland product’s time with his hometown team. Manziel and Hoyer are locked in a battle for the starting QB spot. Both GM Ray Farmer and Head Coach Mike Pettine have made it clear that the Browns will start the player that gives them the best chance to win games. If that is Hoyer no amount of Manziel-mania will change their mind. No matter what the media wants, the Browns brass will make the best decision for the team.

Yet what happens if the Browns decide that the starter is Manziel? Hoyer, on the last year of his contract, will then be standing on the sideline just waiting until he becomes a free agent. At the point the Browns decide that Hoyer is not their starting QB, whether that is this off-season or not, is time to cut the cord.

Here is a few reasons it might make sense to make a trade, if Hoyer doesn’t win the starting job:

  1. Manziel doesn’t have to look over his shoulder at Hoyer.
  2. The Browns are able to get something from Hoyer before he leaves next year.
  3. Hoyer isn’t stuck just waiting until the season ends.
  4. If the Browns decide on Manziel already as a rookie, adding more talent/assets around him will help him develop.
  5. Cleveland fans are often impatient, having a local boy as the backup QB creates controversy.
  6. A desperate team could give up a decent draft pick or player for Hoyer.

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While not a likely scenario given the talk about Hoyer coming out of the Browns organization it is easy to see reasons why the Browns could make a trade. Hoyer still has a huge chance to win the starting position so no trade will go into motion until likely after the 3rd pre-season game.

The best case scenario for the Browns is that both Hoyer and Manziel look good therefore raising their value. Manziel overtaking Hoyer would be the key component of this possible move.

What do you think about trading Hoyer if he doesn’t beat out Manziel?