WWE Wrestler Attacks Johnny Manziel Cut Out


Cleveland is indeed the center of the sports universe. With LeBron James and Johnny Manziel on the Cleveland Cavaliers and Browns respectively the sports world is interested in anything to do with them. Today comes a video from ESPN’s SportsNation with WWE wrestler Roman Reigns attacking players cutout, including that of Manziel.

If you won’t follow wrestling anymore, Reigns is considered the next big thing. They are building him up as a star fan favorite. The move he pulls on the Manziel cutout is his “Superman” punch, where he cocks his fist like a gun before hitting the punch.

Host Michelle Beadle is a big wrestling fan so hosting this segment is natural for her. Unfortunately for the Manziel prop his head gets knocked clean off.

We expect to see more and more of these videos as Manziel’s popularity rises. While the Browns are mostly used to negative attention they will have to get used to the type of negative attention big time stars get. When they don’t succeed, when they don’t do what the national media expects them to do or if/when the Browns don’t start Manziel expect the attacks to get very personal.

For now we get to enjoy some fun. The fun of Manziel prop getting his head knocked off in a Texas A&M jersey. Lets just hope the Browns offensive line and the Kyle Shanahan system can keep him out of harms way when the season starts.

Do you enjoy these off beat videos and memes?