Monday Night Football: 1st Quarter Takeaways


The Cleveland Browns are facing the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football. The Browns have a lot of questions they are looking to have answered. Who will start at QB? Can the offense get going? How will the league’s emphasis on defensive pass interference and grabbing impact the physical Mike Pettine defense? We hope to see these answered as much as possible.

Here are some takeaways from the 1st Quarter:

  • Offensive line struggles in first two plays. John Greco doesn’t get out of his stance causing a sack then a false start leading to a 2nd and 21.
  • Pressure by Phil Taylor helps create a unforced fumble by Redskins, big play as Redskins started off well. Brian Hoyer likely to get another shot quickly.
  • Ben Tate looking good in first two carries, one on a draw on 3rd and long.
  • Low throw keeps Browns from converting first down. Johnny Manziel likely in the next series.
  • Barkevious Mingo getting into the backfield, not under control enough.
  • Browns called for 3 defensive backfield penalties in 2 series so far.
  • Constant interior pressure. Latest leads to Joe Haden pick and Manziel coming on the field.
  • First Manziel throw behind Cameron. TE could of sat down on route, stop started. Sack ends Manziel’s first series.
  • Mitchell Schwartz struggling in pass protection so far.
  • Robert Griffin III looks like he hurt his leg but stays in the game.
  • 2 more coverage penalties give Washington first downs. Big issue for the Browns this year.
  • Double move beats Browns deep into the red zone as the quarter ends.

Quarter Summary

The Browns offense looked exactly as they did all Pre-Season, terrible. The defense had a couple big plays but didn’t look great throughout the first quarter. RG3 is likely to finish this drive then be out. The Browns QB competition so far looks like Rex Grossman or Connor Shaw will win. (Sarcasm but it hasn’t looked great). The bigger concern is the defense, even though RG3 and the Redskins offense is potent the D has given much away.