Monday Night Football: 3rd Quarter Takeaways


The Cleveland Browns are facing the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football. The Browns have a lot of questions they are looking to have answered. Who will start at QB? Can the offense get going? How will the league’s emphasis on defensive pass interference and grabbing impact the physical Mike Pettine defense? We hope to see these answered as much as possible.

Here are some takeaways from the 3rd Quarter:

  • Perfect start with kick out of bounds to give the Redskins the ball at the 40.
  • Redskins nickle and dime their way down the field, 5 and 6 yard chucks.
  • Redskins Ryan Grant, pointed out in our Behind Enemy’s Line, with a great fade route TD over 8th string CB Royce Adams.
  • Big return by former Redskin Anthony Armstrong to midfield.
  • Johnny Manziel back in, makes quick easy throw to Charles Johnson, 1st read and hit as he broke. Simple is good at this point.
  • Manziel gets ball out quick, finds Taylor Gabriel who dances within 2 yards of first.
  • Browns go for it on 4th and 2, Manziel throws on the money but big hit knocks ball out from Armstrong. Turnover.
  • Backup LB Zac Diles makes solid play to stay with RB on a screen. Defense gets offense the ball back.
  • Looks like Hoyer might be done for the night. Manziel back in.
  • Terrance West with a nice job on a right side run, bounces off a hard tackle then fights on next play for a first on 3rd and 1.
  • Manziel has to scramble on what looks like a broken play, gets back to the line and slides head first. No offensive rhythm.
  • Manziel takes his time, takes the check down guy to let Gary Barnidge get the first.
  • Solid throw to Willie Snead would of been a first but illegal formation wipes out play.
  • Then almost throws a pick. Defensive penalty bails Browns out and gives them a first down.
  • Josh Gordon still on the field. Weird.

Third Quarter Thoughts:

Still a struggle for the Browns offense. Gordon being in there with Manziel could be away of trying to help him. The defense looks okay but both teams are playing a ton of their backups on both sides.