Monday Night Football: 4th Quarter Takeaways


The Cleveland Browns are facing the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football. The Browns have a lot of questions they are looking to have answered. Who will start at QB? Can the offense get going? How will the league’s emphasis on defensive pass interference and grabbing impact the physical Mike Pettine defense? We hope to see these answered as much as possible.

Here are some takeaways from the 4th Quarter:

  • Isaiah Crowell, a favorite of this writer, gets his first carry of the Pre-Season.
  • Inside screen to Dion Lewis gets the Browns a TD.
  • Ex-Brown Colt McCoy in.
  • Jim Leonhard picks of McCoy and returns it for a TD. A gift from McCoy that Browns fans are familiar with.
  • Leonhard should dominate against 3rd string players but the Browns take the lead 17-14.
  • McCoy drops one in the bucket on a big pass on a go route, again against Royce Adams.
  • Sloppy plays get them in redzone but defense holds and gives up only 3 points. Tie game 17-17.
  • Connor Shaw in for the Browns, completes first pass to Willie Snead. Josh Gordon gets excited on sideline, most energy from 12 all day.
  • Shaw takes off running, if Manziel is the QB of the Future Shaw might be a perfect long term backup, similar size/style.
  • Very Manziel like play with first down completion for a big gain to Taylor Gabriel.
  • Billy Cundiff misses a 54 yard field goal, game still tied. Please no OT.
  • Play fake by McCoy leads to a long TD pass, again over Adams. He might be cut on the plane ride back.
  • Shaw, on the ground and with his arm, leads a good drive near the end of the game.
  • Jonathan Krause goes up high to get a big catch, hurt after it and can’t run a route on the following play.
  • Hail Mary works for the Browns to make it 24-23 and the Browns go for 2 for the win and to avoid overtime. Thank you.
  • 2 point conversion fails. Try to erase that one from your memory banks.

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Fourth Quarter Thoughts:

A lot of backups. Adams plays happens when 5 or 6 corners are hurt. Interesting that Crowell got very little work. Shaw was the Browns best looking QB, is ultra competitive and could be a good practice squad QB this year. Saw little to nothing from most of the Browns receivers either due to drops, limited offensive plays or bad throws by the QBs. Ugly game all around. If you take anything away from the game it has to be the QBs have a lot of need and we may again have to watch a bad offensive team.

What did you takeaway from this game?