QB Decision Delayed by Cleveland Browns


The due date has come for the Cleveland Browns to make a QB decision, and they punted. The date was set by them, even though many believe they needed more time to evaluate both Johnny Manziel and Brian Hoyer. Instead head coach Mike Pettine was firm that they would make a decision today. As of his tele-conference that is in progress right now that decision hasn’t been made yet:

Obviously after last night’s Monday Night Football debacle the Browns aren’t in ideal circumstances. Yet when will the decision be made?

So it is still possible that Pettine could hold to his original schedule and make the decision sometime this evening. The coach had to have hoped that one of the two, Hoyer or Manziel, would stand out enough to make the decision easy. Instead, even after a day to digest the film, the coaching staff doesn’t feel comfortable making that call at this time.

They only have so much information to go over, 2 pre-season games and all of the off-season activities. Since they won’t get more in game information until the next pre-season game, against the St. Louis Rams, a decision is either tonight or after that game.

Last week Pettine exclaimed that the Browns have 2 starting QBs. A nice sentiment that last night proved false. The old NFL axiom ‘If you have 2 QBs you have no QBs’ proved to be right.

If a decision is not made tonight can Hoyer make the physical adjustments and Manziel the mental ones to give one of them an edge? How will the defense respond to a problematic offense when they are so stellar? And are Browns fans in for another season of terrible offense?

Tons of questions, no answers. How are you feeling today?