A Fan’s Letters to Josh Gordon, the NFL and the Browns

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The next 3 pages are all letters from me, Jared Mueller, the fan. Not the counselor, not the writer, not the editor and not the sane adult. Just a fan, a fanatic.

Dear Josh Gordon,

I am angry with you!

I am angry that you chose to make decisions that put yourself in jeopardy of missing this season. I am not a big fan of playing the victim in any life situation. Bloom where you are planted is a motto that I believe all people can live by, if they choose to. You chose to marinate in many of the same problems, people and situations that led you to have to leave Baylor, not play at Utah and ultimately enter the Supplemental Draft.

I can actually forgive, very easily in fact, your 2 game suspension last year. I believe you were prescribed cough syrup with codeine and since a doctor prescribed it thought you were okay to take it. I get it. Yet if it had not been for your previous positive screen, and history, this wouldn’t of even been a 1 game suspension. Your history meant you had no leniency.

Now whether you were tested 70 times and passed. Whether it was all due to second hand smoke. Whether the NFL rules are ridiculously low for you test positive. Whether it is true that if they had tested your B sample first instead of your A sample we wouldn’t be having this conversation. I am angry with you that you allowed yourself to be in this situation.

I realize that it could have been second hand smoke. Stop being around it. Stop driving around in your really nice car with your boys who are smoking it, even if you are not. I realize it is hard to cut connections with people who have been a part of your life for years. But I am a fan of the Cleveland Browns and you are a professional football player for the team I love. I want better for you.

First and foremost I hope you get your life together. Stop using, or being around substances, that could get you in trouble with your employer. Yes I realize that weed is legal in some states and will be in more sooner rather then later, but until it is legal in the NFL stop it. Stop speeding. Stop borrowing random folks cars who you barely know, but since you are both professional athletes you think it is cool. Get rehab treatment if you need it. Get counseling on whatever the root problem is that led you to use substances for so long.

Then get back on the football field. Show the Browns and the fans that the game means a lot to you. Don’t loaf on plays. Don’t take plays off. Don’t be a negative influence on other young players. Learn from your mistakes and come back and dominate the league for the legion of fans that love our team.

Get the order right and the rest will take care of itself. The fans will embrace you. You will stay clean. A new contract will be around the corner and records will fall.


Jared Mueller – Just a Fan

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